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What Makes A Perfect T-Shirt?

What Makes A Perfect T-Shirt?

Let’s face it: You have a dozen tees in your closet but still not the perfect-for-all-occasion-tee in which you look and feel great, right?

Well, don't worry anymore. 

Today, we’ll help you discover what makes a perfect t-shirt so you can grab one for yourself (Yes, the perfect t-shirt isn’t a myth!).

A Fit That Speaks

An ideal t-shirt’s primary purpose is to accent your physique or frame.

If the t-shirt is stitched closer to the body, it must embrace you well: the tee should snug around your arms and fit closer to the chest and shoulders.

If you go with an oversized t-shirt, it should extend to just above your elbows, but it must sit nicely on your shoulders.

Irrespective of the type of t-shirt you put on, it must enlarge or minimize your frame as you require.

The Perfect Length

We see that most t-shirts are either too long or too short – extending past the fly or barely covering the waistband.

An ill-fitted t-shirt makes you look shorter or skinnier than you might be, and it also says that you aren't careful with your dress sense.

There's only one rule to get the perfect t-shirt: the length must be 2 inches past the waistband and cover at least half the mid-fly.

Quality Fabric

Regardless of how good the fitting is, a t-shirt must make you feel confident and comfortable from within.

T-shirts that utilize quality threads and are made of at least 95% cotton combined with Spandex are the best tees to invest in.

Versatile Matters 

As we hinted at earlier, there are many different types of t-shirts. 

Some are oversized, while some come in various lengths; many t-shirts have neck types, too – V-neck and boat necks. 

However, the most versatile tee shirt is the one you can wear daily with different combos and for every season.

Thus, our verdict is an everyday crewneck t-shirt is the most versatile t-shirt one can (and must) own. 

Get The Perfect T-Shirt At Shortys!

All in all, a perfect t-shirt is the one that is perfect for you. 

In case you’re looking for the ideal t-shirt for every occasion, check out the tees collection at Shortys!

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