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What Guys Should Wear At Home

What Guys Should Wear At Home

What Guys Should Wear At Home?

We put in a lot of thought about what to wear before heading out, right?

But when it comes to deciding what to wear at home, we're never really sure.

A man must wear his best clothes to look good and feel amazing even at home.

Here’s what guys can and should wear at home.

  1. Tee's

Dressing up doesn’t have to mean putting on a fancy shirt or a tuxedo. More often than not, a good quality t-shirt is what one needs to look and feel sexy.

A premium tee that snugs comfortably around your arms and sits well on your shoulders helps you look and feel more muscular as it accents your physique.

2. Hoodies

For cold mornings and chilly evenings, hoodies are your best friend. 

Not only do the hoodies keep you warm, but they also make you the perfect cuddle partner for your loved one.

So, whether you are coming out of a cold shower or walking down the porch to grab a newspaper on a cold morning, a pair of warm hoodies will be the appropriate fit.

3. Board Shorts

We understand there's a lot of pressure on men to look their best, yet too few choices to look good and feel comfortable in their skin.

Board shorts are made for an everyday-stylish man who is not afraid in his skin and loves to show off. With a pair of Boardys, you'd be beach-ready all the time.

If spontaneous beach plans aren't on the table, you could bust a move-in board shorts from home!


Gym wear is no longer restricted to the workout area only.

After all, where else can we find pieces of apparel that complement your physique, let you move freely, and absorb sweat?

For a quick home workout or Netflix and chill, trainers are the ultimate go-to apparel piece. 

Parting Thoughts

What you wear at home affects your mood and attitude. Even if no one's watching, a contemporary man styles himself to look sexy and feel motivated. 

So, ditch the plain boring clothes, and find your zing by visiting Shortys!

Discover clothing options that you can flaunt both at home and outdoors!

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1 comment

  • I agree – comfort and style in my own home helps me to feel good about myself and working, doing chores, or just hanging out.

    Scott William Stever

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