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The Start Of Shortys Apparel

The Start Of Shortys Apparel

Today we start are journey on becoming a household name for mens apparel! I know some may not know how we started and what was the why behind the brand. In starting this blog I have high hopes to explain that further and embark on some other pretty great topics! Health, Self Care, Business & Clothing! So stick around were just getting started! Now where was I, Oh that's right the story of Shortys Apparel!

 My name is Jordan, I am known as a personal trainer, content creator & entrepreneur. I have started a few different business', The Fit Body which is my online coaching app, Buon Appetito which is my cook book & now Shortys Apparel which is my mens apparel line! One thing I have got to say I enjoy creating, whether that's content, business or some great food in the kitchen. 

I have always wanted to have my own apparel line ever since I was a young buck rocking my classic nike fits. There is something so aesthetically pleasing when you can put together a great looking outfit. You feel more confident & you look good which to me is empowering. 

I can't tell you how many pairs of jeans, shirts, underwear I have put on and have just felt uncomfortable. When wearing clothes my biggest thing is feeling good, looking good and feeling confident in what I am wearing. The clothing must be soft, flexible, breathable and of course stylish. So, after so many failed attempts of swimwear, underwear, casual shorts/shirts that just did not fit the bill (if you know what I mean) I embarked on my own journey to create my own line. Clothing is tricky, too tight and you look like Tommy Boy In a small coat and too loose well we don't want to go back to the early 2000's style. 

One day I was in the gym squatting, I tore the side of my underwear I was wearing at the time. Aka this is where the tag line of Bust a move, Not a seam comes from. From that day on I began to test different samples of shorts and underwear from numerous suppliers. Finally landing across the perfect material that is both casual and for sport! Listen, I definitely carry more mass in my legs and ass then most so comfort is a must! Anyway, it was that same day I was squatting that I said to myself "what if I just had a pair of shorty shorts that would flex with me" I think you see where the name is starting to come from. Shortys Apparel was born that day when I rushed home to register the LLC!

Months of testing samples and materials passed while trying new suppliers. I finally landed across the board of 3 suppliers that would make the product. 6 months later I was able to consolidate into one main supplier that makes all Shortys Apparel products. I am so proud of the evolution of the products, from first sample to the last style sold has been a constant improvement. 

The goal of this brand is yes of course, make you feel good and give you comfort wherever life takes you. But, It also is about giving you confidence, allowing yourself to wear the clothing you personally want to wear and being proud. The brand is more than just a piece of clothing it's a symbol of hope, pride & assurance that you can be anyone you want to be. I will continue to make clothing with pride and love. I want to thank you for reading and being a part of the Shortys Apparel journey! Stay tuned for more blog post.



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