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How Clothes Change The Way You Think

How Clothes Change The Way You Think

How Clothes Change the Way You Think

Your Clothes Define You. Period!

It's true - your attire speaks volumes about your personality.

So, does that mean things work the other way around as well? Is it possible if you change your clothes, you can change the way you think?

Yes, absolutely!

Let’s find out how!

Psychology & Clothing

In a popular study, scientists coined the term "enclothed cognition," suggesting the direct relationship between clothing and your mindset. 

Let us explain to you with an example. 

Did you ever wonder why formal attires are essential in an organization? 

The truth is that a tailored suit gears one's mind to conduct the business correctly. In fact, suits induce dominance and make people feel confident. 

Furthermore, professional attire allows one to think abstractly and base decisions on a broader perspective. 

So, if you dress right for the occasion, you will feel more confident and be able to perform better!

Color Psychology and Clothing

Have you ever felt a unique sensation when sporting a specific color outfit?

That's all because of color psychology. 

For example, if you feel at peace, you'll rather wear a blue shirt than an aggressive red tee. 

Similarly, if you feel down, you'll find yourself wearing deep and dull colors. Hence, it brings to this point that colors can affect your mood. 

Therefore, wearing bright-colored costumes can rejuvenate your energy and uplift your mood if you have a bad day.

Motivation & Gym Wear

Clothing is associated with the tasks you want to do, right? 

For example, if you intend to exercise in a top-down classic business outfit, you may barely make it to the gymnasium. That's because your clothing and mindset are not aligned with the task. 

Now, if you switch to an activewear outfit, it'll motivate you to break barriers in the gym and boost your willingness to reach it quickly.

Hence, specific clothing enables a person to accurately process and understand their duties and tasks.

You Are What You Wear!

As you have seen, the tiniest of apparel detail can mold your thoughts and behavior.

The best part? You have the power to change your clothing style and find what bests suits your mood and happiness. 

How can you do that? 

By visiting Shortys!

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1 comment

  • This is so true as I gravitate to black when I want that slimming look on top to show off my legs in butt and then go with brighter colors when I’m feeling toned. Patterns come into play when I need a little attention and expression. Thanks for this and love y’all

    Armando Lazarin

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