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Flow In & Flow Out

Flow In & Flow Out

What Is Flow State & Why Is It Important?

Being in Flow State is when you can fully immerse yourself in a certain activity giving you a feeling of energized focus. You’ll be fully involved in the activity and truly live in the present moment. So, why is this important? In today's read we’re going to go through a few reasons why it is so important to find your flow. Listen, It’s not always easy just going with the flow. Life happens…but it is a necessary skill to build upon to live in the present moment, kick out anxious thoughts and truly appreciate everything around you. 

There will always be things in your life you can not control. Fighting against those things and living in a constant state of worry will not relieve your feelings but leave you feeling more frustrated and anxious. Trust me, I know… How many times have you sat up in bed just worrying about an outcome or creating a scenario that never plays out? I can tell you… TOO MANY TIMES. So, here's a few reasons to live in a flow state and begin to gravitate towards the things that are truly for you and your highest good.

1) Calm, Cool & Collected

Let things be as they are, the more you fight and worry the more frustrated you’ll become. Sometimes the best thing you can do is truly surrender to the circumstance and allow something new and fresh to flow into your life. I’ve noticed something in flow state. When anything in my life was taken away, there was always something that replaced it serving a better purpose for me. Sometimes it took some time for the lesson to be understood but have faith and stay calm, you’ll attract something greater into your life.

2) Live Life In The Present 

When you let things come as they are, you can appreciate the things and people around you much better. Don’t dwell on the past or obsess on the future. This can help combat symptoms of anxiety and depression. Now, I understand this is easier said than done. The whole point of this is making progress. Start by disconnecting from social media, stop comparing yourself to others and looking at the things you don’t have. Instead look at the love that surrounds you. Friends, Family, Health. You’ll be able to go out in the world and experience things better and create memories with the ones that are truly important to you. I think we will all be okay if we don’t read up on the latest celebrity drama. Instead get out in nature, go on a trip, cook a nice meal and take it moment by moment.

3) Intuition, Resilience & Understanding

Flow can allow you to trust your own intuition and listen to the call of your own gut. Just like following the right path, you don’t truly know which is the right choice but your gut will always lead you towards your truth. When you can flow you can become your most resilient self. In life, we learn that not everything is going to go our way but being in the flow you can learn to adapt and adjust even in the most difficult situations. Last, you will be more understanding. Understand that anything happens in life but when in flow you are open minded and can accept multiple possibilities.

I know it can be difficult to start something new or create a new habit. Flow state should feel natural and not forced. Start slow and begin by trusting yourself, your abilities and of course your gut. Live in the present moment and demand more happiness, love and life. Kick out your anxiety, depression or any negative emotions by doing this and watch the good that will come back to you. Just like the waves of the ocean, they constantly flow in and out and bring new things to the shore everyday. Just Flow.

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