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4 Men's Poolside Essentials

4 Men's Poolside Essentials

4 Men’s Poolside Essentials

A poolside party is an exciting and refreshing occasion.

From grooving to the music and meeting some like-minded people to enjoying smoothies by the lounge and just chilling, there’s so much to do.

Are you planning to hit an adrenaline-boosting poolside party this weekend and wondering what apparel you should don on the occasion?

Here are the top five essentials for you to bring your A-game up at any poolside event:

  • Swim Trunks or Shorts

Of course, a trunk tops the list if you plan to take a refreshing swim in the pool.

Not only are they suitable for swimming, but these light trunks are super-stylish and comfortable for the occasion.

If you only want to enjoy the environment by the poolside, vibrant tropical shorts should be your go-to option.

Make sure to choose shorts with a smarter edge, like a button-up waistband or a rolled leg, to elevate your look.

  • Shades

Shades are one essential head-turner accessory that completes your poolside attire. 

Not only will they protect your eyes from sun exposure, but they also enhance your look.

From the classic to the curve frames, there’s an endless sea of options. 

Find one that complements your face, and you’re all set to rock a poolside party!

  • Classic Tees

You can’t ignore the irresistible charm and coolness of a simple classic T-shirt.

Mesmerizing yet light on the pocket, a shirt as simple as a standard crew neck white tee can add an elegant touch to your overall apparel.

If you want to alter your style slightly, go for printed classic polos or shirts to radiate the perfect pool vibes.

Pro Tip: Choose a cotton absorbent fabric to wicker the sweat on a hot day.

  • Tank Tops

Tank tops not only add a pinch of attractiveness to your attire but also help you stay cool on a sunny day.

So, become a BBQ king by the poolside – all while sporting a trendy tank top with a super-stylish trunk.

Parting Thoughts

Poolside parties are the perfect occasion to showcase your cool wardrobe.

So, what are you waiting for?

Choose the right poolside apparel for men from Shortys swimwear selection today, and make sure you look and feel great!


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